1. Animal Control

    Explore the Animal Control Division of Springfield, Tennessee and how they ultimately are helping the animals they rescue.

  2. Elected Officials

    Explore how the elected officials of the Mayor help serve the citizens of Springfield, Tennessee.

  3. Fire Department

    Explore how the Fire Department of Springfield serves its community.

  4. Maps

    Check out Springfield by viewing city maps.

  5. Police Department

    Explore how the Police Department serves the citizens of Springfield, Tennessee.

  6. Public Education & Safety

    Discover the list of safety tips for the public and the programs available to stay safe offered by the Fire Department.

  7. Public Works Services

    Discover the services available through the Public Works Department such as Street, Storm Water, Sanitation, and Vehicle Maintenance.

  8. ArcGIS Online Maps

  9. Utilities Services

    Explore the utility services available to the citizens of Springfield, Tennessee such as electric, gas, stormwater and water.