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  1. Alcoholic Beverages Permits

    Learn how to get a liquor license if you plan on serving alcoholic beverages in your business in Springfield.

  2. Beer Permits

    Learn how to apply for a permit in order to sell beer in your bushiness establishment in Springfield.

  3. Business License

    Learn how to obtain a business license in the City of Springfield.

  4. Building Permits

    Learn about the building permits available and what you may need if you are planning construction in Springfield.

  5. Rental Registration

    Rental Registration form

  6. Employment Opportunities

    Job openings, online applications, and resume submission.

  7. Leagues & Programs

    Sign up and fill out the applications for the various parks and recreation programs.

  8. Parade Permits

    Discover how to apply for a parade permit in Springfield, Tennessee.

  9. Pit Bull Registration

    View the form for registering your pit bull in Springfield, Tennessee.

  10. Roadblock Permits

    Find out if you qualify to apply for a roadblock permit.

  11. Solicitor Permits

    Learn how to apply for a solicitor permit in Springfield, Tennessee.

  12. Taxicab Franchise Permits

    View the Springfield Municipal code and learn how to apply for a taxicab franchise.

  13. Yard Sale Permits

    Learn how to apply for and obtain a yard sale permit in the City of Springfield, Tennessee.