City Departments

  1. City Department Heads

  2. Animal Control

    Explore the services the Animal Control Department offers for he citizens and animals of Springfield, Tennessee.

  3. Cemeteries

    Explore the cemeteries of Springfield, Tennessee and the amenities they offer.

  4. City Court

    Learn about the City Judge and about when the City Court meets.

  5. City Recorder / Finance

    Discover who the city recorder and finance director are for the City of Springfield and what they do.

  6. Community Development & Planning

    Learn about what the Development and Planning Committee has planned for the community of Springfield, Tennessee.

  7. Electric Department

    Discover how the Electric Department is responsible for the purchase and distribution of electric power to the customer within the City of Springfield, Tennessee.

  8. Engineering

    Explore the Engineering Department of Springfield, Tennessee and find out how they provide professional and technical assistance to all other City Departments.

  9. Fire Department

    Explore the Springfield Fire Department and all that they do for the citizens.

  10. Gas Department

    Learn about the Springfield Gas Department and all the opportunities to learn about safety and upkeep of your gas system.

  11. Human Resources

    Discover what the Human Resources Department of Springfield, Tennessee does. Responsibilities include recruiting, maintaining records, manage benefits, training and more.

  12. Parks & Recreation

    Explore the Parks and Recreation Department and the activities available for the public of Springfield, Tennessee.

  13. Police Department

    Discover how the Springfield Police Department strives for a community free from crime and disorder.

  14. Public Works Department

  15. Water / Wastewater

    Explore how the Springfield Water / Wastewater Department is responsible for the production and distribution of potable water to the City of Springfield, Tennessee.

  16. Utility Billing