Yard Sale Permits

Yard sales are allowed for the sale of personal property only. No yard sale can be conducted without a permit from the City of Springfield. Persons wishing to obtain a yard sale permit must 1st file a written application with the City Clerk at least 3 days in advance of the proposed sale and pay a $5 administrative processing fee. Members of more than 1 residence may join in obtaining a permit for a yard sale to be conducted at the residence of 1 of them. Permits may be obtained for any nonresidential location as well.

The permit will set forth and restrict the time and location of the yard sale. No more than 2 permits may be issued to 1 residential location, residence and / or family household during any calendar year. The yard sale permit must be posted on the premises in a conspicuous place so as to be seen by the public or any city official. Yard sale times are limited to between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on 3 consecutive days or on 2 consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

2 signs of not more than 4 square feet may be permitted to be displayed on the property of the residence or nonresidential site where the yard sale is being conducted. 2 directional signs of not more than 2 square feet are permitted, provided that the premises on which the yard sale is being conducted is not a major thoroughfare, and written permission to erect such signs is received from the property owners on whose property such signs are to be placed. The signs are not allowed on public property (utility poles, street signs, etc.). Signs must be removed each day at the close of the yard sale activities.

To view more information about yard sale permits and regulations, view the Springfield Municipal Code Title 9, "Business, Peddlers, Solicitors, Etc.", Chapter 5 entitled "Yard Sales".