Appointed Boards & Commissions

  1. Beer Board

    Explore the Beer Board of Springfield and how they regulate the selling and manufacturing of beer.

  2. Board of Zoning & Appeals

    Learn about the Zoning and Appeals Board and what they do to keep development in districts on track.

  3. Construction Board of Adjustments & Appeals

    Discover how the qualified members of the Construction Board hear the appeals from the Codes Administrator.

  4. Historic Preservation Commission

    Discover how the Historic Preservation Commission has been created to help with the administration and enforcement of regulations within the district.

  5. Library Board of Directors

    Learn about when and where the Library Board of Directors meets and what the jurisdiction is for the public library in Springfield, Tennessee.

  6. Parks & Recreation Board

    Learn about the Springfield Parks and Recreaction board members and the kinds of issues they deliberate on.

  7. Planning Commission

    Discover how the Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing and approving all residential development plats and commercial site plans, as well as recommending zoning districts and property annexations.

  8. Springfield / Robertson County Joint Airport Board

    Discover who the members of the Airport Board are and what they deliberate on in Springfield, Tennessee.