Operations & Maintenance

SED completed replacement of all older 15 kv circuit breakers at our substations.  The new breakers are more responsive and reliable, and are equipped with electronic relays which provide useful detailed information on currents, voltages and operation history. 

SED has been very aggressive in the last decade trimming trees and clearing right-of-way for distribution and transmission lines.  This has paid off tremendously.  Outages have decreased 24% in the past 5 years.  Squirrel guards have been installed on transformers in the most heavily treed sections of town to optimize nuisance tripping from wildlife.

SED line crews have focused heavily on maintenance projects in the past decade-replacing bad poles, old brittle wire in circuits, painting and restoring breakers and equipment, substation maintenance projects, and maintaining line switches throughout the city.  Hundreds of failing street lights have been replaced with a night maintenance crew.

  • System Reliability
    • South Springfield Load Transfer
    • New Transmission Loop
    • Outage Notification System
  • New Subdivisions
  • Streetlighting retrofits & maintenance
  • Outage Notification System
  • Automated Metering Pilot
  • Residential Surge Protection Program
  • Home Weatherization
  • Inventory Management & Work Order System