Standards & Specifications

Water & Sewer Design & Construction Standards
The City of Springfield has prepared design and construction standards for the City's water and wastewater system. These standards are reviewed from time to time to assure compliance with federal and state regulations, to take advantage of improved material or construction techniques, or to correct shortcomings in the current edition.

A copy of the City of Springfield Water and Sewerage Design and Construction Standards Manual can be purchased for $25 at the Water  & Wastewater Department Office at 924 Central Avenue West. can be purchased for $25 at the Water  & Wastewater Department Office at 924 Central Avenue West.
Plumbing Codes, Inspections, & Backflow Devices
Plumbing Code
The International Plumbing Code, 2012 edition, as prepared and adopted by the International Code Council, including all appendices, addenda, and supplements thereto, has been adopted as the City of Springfield plumbing code.
Plumbing Inspections
All new residential and commercial plumbing installations, including those outside the city limits of Springfield, that connect to the Springfield Water System are required to have a plumbing permit and inspection. Permits can be obtained at the City of Springfield Water & Wastewater Department.  Payment for plumbing inspections can be made by check or money orders only. For more information, please contact the city's plumbing inspector at (615) 382-1600.

Backflow Prevention Devices
Any customer who has an irrigation system (sprinkler system) is required by the city of Springfield Codes to have a backflow preventer installed on the line. This device must be installed by the customer and inspected by the City of Springfield Plumbing Inspector. For more information, please contact the city's plumbing inspector at (615) 382-1600.