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Employment Interest Form - Updated Form

  1. Department(s) of Interest:

    *** Select Department of Interest and then select Positions within desired Departments, below. ***

  2. Administrative Positions:

  3. General Gov. Bldg Positions:

  4. Fire Dept Positions:

  5. City Recorder Positions:

  6. Cemetery Positions:

  7. Stormwater Position:

  8. Finance Positions:

  9. Parks & Rec Positions:

  10. Electric Positions:

  11. Community Dev. Positions:

  12. Public Works Positions:

  13. Gas Positions:

  14. Clerical Positions:

  15. Police Dept Positions:

  16. Water/Wastewater Positions:

  17. Engineering Positions:

  18. Animal Control Position:

  19. How Did You Hear About the Position(s) with the City of Springfield?

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