Community Development & Planning

The Community Development Department is responsible for coordinating overall city planning, regulating development and zoning, and enforcing codes. The department:

  • Updates and enforces Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations
  • Reviews site plans, subdivision plats, and construction plans
  • Administers various building, technical and housing codes
  • Administers laws and ordinances pertaining to various aspects of public health, safety, and sanitation in Municipal Code
  • Issues permits
  • Performs inspections

    The City of Springfield Regional Planning Commission recently approved an amendment to the Subdivision Regulations that provides an incentive to resubdivide residential properties where homes have been removed.  This was put into place to encourage redevelopment of lots that do not meet current square footage and corner lot setback requirements.  Many lots within the city can and could eventually benefit from this allowance to create larger building envelopes in older neighborhoods that do not conform to current zoning requirements.  A link to the map where many of these nonconforming properties is provided here: NONCONFORMING SQ. FT. MAP.  If you intend to redevelop residential properties in the city, and would like more information, please contact the Community Development Planning Division at (615) 380-8618.