Springfield / Robertson County Airport

The Springfield/Robertson County Airport is located at 4432 Airport Road, approximately 0.5 miles west of the intersection of Highway 41 North and Airport Road, north of the Springfield city limits.

Regular business hours are Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, and the staff may be reached at (615) 384-3200.

Visit https://www.srcairport.com/ for more info.
Aerial view of the Springfield - Robertson County Airport

Configuration & Design

The Springfield / Robertson County Airport has a runway that is 5,506 feet long and 100 feet wide, with parallel taxiways. The airport is a part of the Federal Airway System and has instrument approaches, including: 
  • A GPS approach and a localizer approach
  • A ground communications outlet
  • Color weather radar
  • LED approach lighting
Additional land has been acquired for the future extension of the runway and to protect the facility from incompatible land use. The facility has 38 T-hangars, 4 Large T-Hangars, 3 corporate hangars, and 1 carousel hangar with 5 spaces that are available for rent.

Since 9/11, the Joint Airport Board has placed increased emphasis on airport security. In coordination with local law enforcement and disaster response agencies, a security plan has been developed. Perimeter fencing with electronic gates and security flood lighting has also been installed.

Hangar Rental Agreements

Persons desiring to rent hangar space shall execute a hangar lease agreement with the airport. The term of the agreement is for a minimum of 1 month and will renew automatically from month to month thereafter, subject to 30 days written notice from either party. In addition to the rent, a deposit is required that will be refunded after all rent, assessments and cleanup have been satisfied. The monthly rental rates for hangars are as follows:
Type of Hanger
 Large T-Hangars
Commercial Hangars
Carousel Hangars

June 4th - 7th, 2015, the Wingnuts Aviation LLC maintenance facility hosted the American Bonanza Society Safety and Service Clinic.  The clinic had 29 Bonanza and Baron aircraft register and attend.  

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has on 2 occasions presented the Springfield / Robertson County Airport with the prestigious Airport of the Year Award. The airport has also earned the department's Front Door Award 8 times. This award is presented to airports that reflect community pride and commitment to quality.


The airport is managed by an airport manager and staff under the direction of the joint airport board. The board contracts with aviation companies to provide essential services such as maintenance and flight training. 


& Supplies

Wingnuts Aviation, LLC is the contracted provider of maintenance for the Springfield/Robertson County Airport. Single point fueling is available and the airport provides 100LL and Jet A+ fuel.   Additionally, a Jet A+ truck is available for refueling.  Tie-down service overnight is free with the purchase of aviation fuel.