Youth Outreach Programs

Springfield Electric wants to see students succeed and we do our best to partner with schools within the city limits of Springfield as the need occurs.  It is important for students to have a brighter future with our support. Springfield Electric sponsors a group of students each year to participate in the 4-H electric camp held in Knoxville, TN. in June. There is a different theme  each year pertaining to electricity and students get "hands on" experience discovering the world of electricity.  Approximately 300 students attend each year from all over the State of Tennessee. Students also win prizes, swim, take a trip to Dollywood and experience great electric shows.  The 4-H electric camp is joined by Tennessee Municipal Public Power Association and electric power systems statewide. Last year's was "Follow Me to 4-H Electric Camp"

Some of the learning centers featured were:

Electric Lamp- Electric lamps give us light by using a lamp kit and some electric insulators.

Home Energy Conservation- We use electricity to light our home, cook our food, play music and operate televisions.  As we use more electricity in our homes, our electric bills rise.  This activity teaches us how to conserve electricity, but also helps to conserve the environment.

Electric Motors - Motors convert electricity into useful work.  In this activity, campers were taught different parts of an electric motor, and how electromagnetism make a motor turn.

Electric Vehicles - Campers learn about batteries, DC current and how DC current is used to propel electric vehicles.

Solar Energy - Renewable energy resources reduce the use of fossil fuels and negative impacts on our environment. This activity taught campers how to use the sun to power things that you use every day.

Electrical Safety - Electric power does a lot of work for us. It is a powerful force and we must be careful around it. This learning center teaches campers how to play if safe around high voltage  power lines.

For more information about youth programs call your local University of Tennessee Extension office or visit

TVA kids is a program for children of all ages to learn about electricity; where electricity come from, how to use electricity wisely and much more. Below are just some of the cool things on the website for tva kids:

  • How electricity is made
  • Saving Energy
  • Green power
  • Videos
  • Games and cool stuff
To learn more call Springfield Electric at (615) 384-6770 or  Visit 
Read Across America

The National Education Association created Read Across America as an annual awareness and motivation program.  Some of Springfield Electric employees are invited as guest readers during the month of March to read to students at the Bransford Youth and Community Center and Westside Elementary students. This usually begins on Dr. Seuss's birthday which is March 2.