City Judge

Judge Gary Dilliha
             Gary Dilliha

Mr. Gary Dilliha serves as the City Judge.  The City Judge is appointed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for a term of two (2) years.  The City Judge takes the same oath required of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and must be licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee.  The City Judge receives such compensation as may be provided by ordinance and may be removed for cause by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.  The Board of Mayor and Aldermen shall designate a qualified person to serve as interim judge in the absence or disability of the City Judge.  Ms. Charlotte Fleming currently serves as Interim Judge. 
Powers and Duties

The City Judge tries all persons charged with violation of the ordinances of the City.  He has the power to levy fines, penalties and forfeitures not exceeding fifty dollars ($50.00), or maximum set by state law, for each offense and to impose such costs as the Board of Mayor and Aldermen may by ordinance provide, to issue all necessary process, to administer oaths, and to punish for contempt by fine.